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Team Game Admin # of Members
Himegoto Student Council Battlerite Ceridian 2 View Team
Apteryx Battlerite BlueKiwi 4 View Team
The Creeps Battlerite Wimix 1 View Team
Glarfy PC/PS4 Rocket League Aedres03 3 View Team
hetten PC/PS4 Rocket League Stalos1811 1 View Team
HumbleGuardians Battlerite Slimk1ng 3 View Team
5FRAGS PC/PS4 Rocket League Koda 3 View Team
BRIGADA Battlerite VzoR 3 View Team
Orbital Disconnection Battlerite OrbDC 4 View Team
NøFeaR Battlerite shibusen 1 View Team
Duck Squad Battlerite Martzy55 1 View Team
Kings of Pop Battlerite TheHornet 2 View Team
The Pelicans PC/PS4 Rocket League thegwen1 1 View Team
We Lost PC/PS4 Rocket League FraTex. 2 View Team
L4K eSports PC/PS4 Rocket League KorasuRL 3 View Team